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Default Re: Ex-Prodigy disses Beastie Boys

Originally Posted by Yauch
we did go to him in private and ask him if he wouldn't mind skipping that track in their set because it promoted violence against women.

basically he said that he felt that they were somehow subverting or changing the meaning of the words "smack my bitch up" in their song.

it doesn't sound like that to me.

anyway, they decided to take it to the stage, make it public. so during their set that night they said something like "the beastie boys told us not to play this song, but nobody tells us what to do..." and then played the song.

shortly after that a girl told me that she had been abused by her boyfriend and that song had always made her cringe. she thanked us for asking them not to play it.

so i have no regrets about it, and have never apologized to them. i think what we did was right. how is anyone going to know that their words are destructive if no one tells them?
So is it the song itself or their justification of it that caused the problem?

Also, out of interest, if they hadn't mentioned it on stage would you have brought it?


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