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Default Re: Mike D in Visions (it's in German, sorry)

3rd and last part of the Interview...

V: Have you got a favourite band-period?
M: I don’t look back like that. One important thing for us was always that what we were doing at the time was better, bigger and more self-entertaining than it was before.
V: Wasn’t there something like a difficult phase of the band? Were there times when you were thinking: it’s not working anymore?
M: Oh yes, there were times like that. The most difficult time was, when we all got wooden teeth, because our real teeth dropped out. That was quite hard. Those splinters in the tongue – we couldn’t concentrate on new lyrics, because everything was inflamed. But we were lucky to find a specialized Splinter-Tongue-Speechtrainer in India who helped us to deal with our teeth.
V: What is the difference between todays Beastie Boys and the 80’s Beastie Boys?
M: Today we got better developed genes. We are better humans, we clean our dentures thoroughly, I colour my hair more precisely and we eat better.
V: …and smoke weed just as much?
M: No, less.
V: And artistically?
M: I wouldn’t say that we are the same, but the procedures are. There are the same discussions about music and about where we want to go. The interaction is what keeps the consistence between us. Only the result is changing. That’s where we return to our genes…
V: Do you listen to your old records?
M: Sometimes…
V: Listening to “Check your Head” and knowing, that you did that, must be a good feeling.
M: It is, but you know, the only moment we thought this might be a milestone (?) was during the recording of it. Afterwards and as well today I hear points I’m thinking of: we missed the moment, we screwed it.
V: Is there something you as artists had never done before, but would like to do someday?
M: To do a firm, on-the-point 3-minute-popsong. But we’ll probably never do this, because we just aren’t that kind of band.
V: Well, “Intergalactic” was in a way close to that…
M: But “Intergalactic” isn’t a cool gambler like a Kenny-Rogers-Song.
V: How do you manage to work as a band 25 years long?
M: It’s about fighting a lot and eating together. That’s interacting a lot: like every time we fight very fiercely we get hungry. So we order something nice and the ban is broken. Suddenly you start talking reasonably again…

...and again sorry for the poor translation!
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