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Default Re: TISFWO, TT5B and HSCPT2 Vinyl Re-Issue

This is going to be a long post with lots of tangents, that being said a couple of things to comment on this thread:

tuc70021 the 4 other Mix Up b-sides come from the Gunnin’ For That #1 Spot Soundtrack. 
My personal favourite is Politickin’
It would be dope to see a Lmtd Edt. Vinyl release of the 7 mix up b-sides.
**Hey if any Beastie Boys or Capitol executives are reading this. us fans have money that we would gladly hand over to you guys, this goes for any other unreleased stuff**
Btw, for those of you reading this but don’t have them, the mix b-sides and bonus tracks are: Beasley is a Beast, The Mix-Up, LTD, Biscuits & Butter, The Fibonacci Sequence, The Panda Rat & Polticikin’. I think you can get all of them off iTunes.
I don’t think the Mix-Up vinyl needs reissued quite yet. The 2007 pressing is of decent quality and most stores still have it available in stock. 


The day that Yauch died I walked to ‘Play De Record’ here in Toronto and bought the UK double vinyl bootleg (it included Namaste & Lighten Up). 
It was a weird day, I worked a 12 hour shift and remember walking down Queen street here in Toronto and everyone was blasting beastie boys from either their storefront windows or out of their cars. I ended up passing by Much Music (Canada’s MTV) where they were live filming some kind of shitty TRL-esque show, and pressing my bootleg copy of In Sound up against the window and mouthing “RIP MCA” the host and guests on the show turned around and looked at me confused and one them kinda of said, “oh yeah that guy who died today” due to fatigue and grief, I possibly looked more strung out or weirder than usual, but ultimately didn’t care that they didn’t get it. 

Fast forward to 2017. I was finally able to score one of those elusive Lmtd. Edition, Yellow In Sound pressings off Discogs at a great deal of $66 CAD (this included the shipping to Canada). I returned to Play De Record and sold them back my UK bootleg copy at the same cost they sold it to me 5 years prior. 

Play De Record is also where I was able to score one of their last copies of TT5B for $24 before it jumped to the high $80-100 prices that started popping up a year later and that we currently see now. 
Some other Play De Record scores include Milk’s Spam EP in the value bin for $8, Major Laser’s play no game yellow vinyl for under $10, the mix up vinyl for under $25 and Rock Hard that I ordered directly from their store before I was living in city.

A few Play De Record missed opportunities; 15 years ago I still remember them carrying and at one point holding in my hands an original gatefold copy of the hip-hop sampler and a few months ago I passed up buying DJ BC’s iLL submarine (will pick it up next time if I see it).

For those who are giving props to Ricky’s Theme and Futterman’s rule and if you’re a collector and don’t already own them, I highly recommend trying to get your hands on the Get It Together White Vinyl 45 and the Root Down 45. The B-sides are Futterman’s rule for the first and Ricky’s theme for the latter. 

It would be nice if they reissue Aglio E Olio but if you can get your hands on the original 12 inch sound is pretty sufficient. 
I have a 12 inch copy that I bought here in Toronto at ‘Rotate This’ that is not the translucent Brown Vinyl. I can confirm this because, I’ve held it right up to a light and also have another translucent 12 inch single from Big Audio Dynamite to compare it to. The only 12 inch copy of Aglio E Olio listed on Beastiemania is the translucent Canadian release. So there must be two different pressings. BigFatLove you might need to update that. I can help you out if needed. 

On the topic of AgLio E Olio and collecting, I just acquired the Australian double 45 lathe cut off Discdogs for $64 CAD (price including the shipping to Canada).

For those who are interested in adding this to your collection, according to beastiemania it’s only limited to 1420 copies and is the only place you can get a recording of their live (or pseudo live, can anyone confirm?) cover of the Door’s ‘Light My Fire” featuring Miho Hatori from Cibo Motto (also the vocalist on ‘twenty questions’, ‘I don’t know’ and the Jam’s Cover and Alive b-side ‘start’). The Agile E Olio double 45 is also the only vinyl pressing I know of that has Soba violence. 
A bit of warning though. Since it’s a lathe pressing, the sound quality is absolute shite. You can try to rectify this by weighing a penny down on the needle (this ultimately a bad idea, since it will ruin your records).


- Why I mentioned the record shops here in Toronto is because they always seem to carry rare Beastie Boys. Honourable mention goes to June Records, Cosmo Records on Queen W. and Grasshopper Records near Dundas and Ossington (the owner gets rare stuff from Japan regularly).
- Why I mentioned my deals on discdogs, if you’re a collector keep your head up and add stuff to your wan’t list as there are always amazing deals that pop up, you just have to wait a bit and “Be Patient” 
- I’ve almost been collecting for 20 years and only recently have acquired some of these big ticket, rarer items. I’ve only ever purchased these items if I could acquire them at a great price.
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