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Default Re: Re-listened to the TT5B

Honestly TT5B is 50/50 for me. I didn't mind that political aspect of the record because I was pretty much in agreement with what they were saying. I just didn't like the "sound" of the album. It's very thin and cold. There were no warm tones to be found on there. I blame a lot on the mixing of the record and relying on software for the beats. I wish they used drum machines and samplers on this project instead of relying on protools and logic.

Mario C was truly missed on this project for me. Luckily there were enough B-sides that I can make a pretty good 10 to 12 song playlist from that era. Time to Build, Triple Trouble, That's It That's All are highlights for me.

Yauch was a highlight with his lyrics on this one. But this is the album I ignore the most.

BUT... There "live" shows were fucking great! They were on point in concert. I think I caught 12-15 Beasties shows on that run. Good times.

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