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Default Re: Re-listened to the TT5B

It's my least listened to album of theirs. But I still like all of the songs. Some analog drum machines or live instruments would have been nice, and I agree that it at times, because of the lack of that stuff, sounds cold and robotic.

I also don't care for how pretty much every song has the same structure. (pretty much every song). But things I like are the danceability of the beats, the absolute skill of the flows. All 3 of them are on fire on that record, and the sample flips. It sounds incredible on good headphones. A lot of it sounds like they were trying to make a modern hip hop record of the time. But you know, with them rapping. It's a cool record. Just not what any of us wanted to hear from them after HN. But that's fine. they don't owe us anything.

All the tracks are fun. it's just too monotonous sounding to sustain an entire record. But it's also short. So it doesn't irk me that much. I especially hate how there "has" to be a MMM break on every track. Even though he kills it. They absolutely should have put TGNATU and the other 2 b-sides on this record. Those are 3 of the best songs from the era.

I haven't listened to it in about 2 years though. I should give it another spin.

HSCP2 on the other hand sounds like the missing link between IC & HN. And I fucking love that.

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