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Default Re: Re-listened to the TT5B

The Beastie Boys set the bar so high for albums that people are always expecting a masterpiece when they release one. For me, their first 4 albums are 10/10 and I can listen to it front to back with out skipping any tracks. That was their golden era.

When Hello Nasty was released, it was the first time I was slightly disappointed with them. There's some great songs on there, but as an album it was lacking. It was way too long and it had a few bad songs on there. It was the first time I would skip tracks...

So when TT5B first came out, I remember being slightly disappointed again. Some of the songs sounded too preachy and it didn't feel like a "classic" album that I was hoping for (especially after waiting 6 years).

Now all these years later... I love TT5B! The only 3 tracks that I skip are (Right Right Now Now, Time to Build, and All Lifestyles). If they cut those 3 and just released the other 12, it would have been a classic album just like their first 4. The rest of the songs hold up really well and just like Paul's Boutique, I think it was ahead of its time.
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