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Default Re: beastie book (spoilers)

Originally Posted by Jiberish View Post
^ There two beats playing at the same time. I agree with KP.
I think there are three! The Bonham one, the beat played over the top, and also the hi-hat rhythm on the choruses.

I like TMR, but only the original version. New Reactionaries version is just a mess for me, and I never had any issue with Yauch's original verse. I understand we've all heard 'til the break of dawn' a zillion times but it's almost like a trademark.

One thing I'm not sure about is the write up in the book. It labels the song as the NR version, yet if you read what Horovitz writes he seems to be referring to the original version (and, indeed, a version of the song that existed before Yauch added the fuzzy bassline). There is nothing about why the remix came about - unless I'm reading it wrong.

edit: I also feel Mike D really delivers on TMR.

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