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Default Re: Lots of rare items for sale

Originally Posted by bigfatlove06 View Post
Apparently is fine to unknowingly sell bootlegs on eBay, and NOT tell customers. Your listings only get removed if you actually tell them what they're actually bidding on. ��
Have you tried listing them as just "Unofficial"? I see lots of postings like that and they seem to stay up for a long time.

I agree that Ebay's rules are stupid with that stuff. And half the stuff I come across on there in bootleg with no indication that it's not an official release.

On a semi-related note, I saw on your Aglio e Olio Test Pressing listing that you've only come across 2. As luck would have it, I scored one from a former Grand Royal worker about a year or so ago, so there are at least 3!

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