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Default Re: Vaccine Nation


Ya know, i think that before shooting human population with toxics stuff, they should, in the case of the third world countries, give them access to clean water and good sanitation. That should help to eliminate diseases too. You give them a shot for, let say, cholera, but you don't change what is causing the disease to manifest.

Maybe vaccination can be helpful but in general, what help human population is civilization, sanitation and access to clean water supply.

This clip is an interview with larry king and an actress talking about autism and vaccination. There seem to be a correlation between the two.
Also, the mandatory number of shots skyrocket in the last 20 years.


Also, on has to keep in mind that pharmaceutical companies make millions and millions of dollars in profit with this business...

Somebody need to make a study, objective one with vaccinated kids and unvaccinated and follow them for the first 10-15 years of their lives. Just to see.

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