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Default Re: I miss what this place used to be

Originally Posted by b-grrrlie View Post
I was diagnosed for Aspergers about 18 months ago! It took over two years.... It made me understand myself much better (all the collecting, failing in relationships, bad memory, emotionless for certain things, seeing small details, short attention span....)!
Originally Posted by camo View Post
I'm currently going through diagnosis for this. My current girlfriend is a teacher who specialises in children with learning difficulties - predominantly Autism and Aspergers. We've been together for over two years now and through that time she has recognised me displaying so many of the symptoms. It started of as a bit of a joke; her noticing my obsessive collecting, forgetting dates, getting super annoyed at tiny little problems with our new house (cracks in skirting boards, scuffs on walls etc), hating being touched and preferring my own space and company.

How has it changed your life now that you've been diagnosed?
Well, mainly it has made me understand myself much better, why I was such a tomboy as a kid, why I get easily annoyed when people don't do stuff they're supposed to do and me myself am much worse. The help I get every week has been god's send, trying to get organized and getting just through daily routines. The routines are very important as I am terrible if I misplace stuff, I can get a quiet tantrum by myself when I've misplaces something and can totally panic, empty every bag and throw things around (and just leave them there...). So putting your keys or any other item in a specific place is really important. I'm still missing my digital scales that have been on a specific place in my cupboard since I bought it and we (me and a helper) had to clear the whole cupboard after I found a meal beetle in a flour bag and I don't know where it is since then and I need it almost weekly...
Also I realize myself when I disrupt someone, thinking of just giving a bit of advice, but they find me more like a besserwisser. Actually I couldn't continue my seasonal job because of that, after five summer seasons... Found out about it afterwards why I wasn't welcome back. So these days I try to be very careful not to advise anyone if not asked to...
When it comes to relationships, I'm getting being a better and better friend with my old fb, noticing that he as well must have Aspergers. Sometimes it feels like we really should be together for real, but then we both get scared.
Also writing things-to-do lists have always been good to do, it's so satisfying when you can tick off something! Sometimes I write really essential things on the list (like water the flowers or make lunch for tomorrow) just to be able to cross over something.

So This Is What I've Got To Say To You All
Be True To Yourself And You Will Never Fall

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