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Default Re: I miss what this place used to be

Originally Posted by b-grrrlie View Post
Well, mainly it has made me understand myself much better, why I was such a tomboy as a kid, why I get easily annoyed when people don't do stuff they're supposed to do and me myself am much worse. The help I get every week has been god's send, trying to get organized and getting just through daily routines. The routines are very important as I am terrible if I misplace stuff, I can get a quiet tantrum by myself when I've misplaces something and can totally panic, empty every bag and throw things around (and just leave them there...). So putting your keys or any other item in a specific place is really important. I'm still missing my digital scales that have been on a specific place in my cupboard since I bought it and we (me and a helper) had to clear the whole cupboard after I found a meal beetle in a flour bag and I don't know where it is since then and I need it almost weekly...
Also I realize myself when I disrupt someone, thinking of just giving a bit of advice, but they find me more like a besserwisser. Actually I couldn't continue my seasonal job because of that, after five summer seasons... Found out about it afterwards why I wasn't welcome back. So these days I try to be very careful not to advise anyone if not asked to...
When it comes to relationships, I'm getting being a better and better friend with my old fb, noticing that he as well must have Aspergers. Sometimes it feels like we really should be together for real, but then we both get scared.
Also writing things-to-do lists have always been good to do, it's so satisfying when you can tick off something! Sometimes I write really essential things on the list (like water the flowers or make lunch for tomorrow) just to be able to cross over something.
I can fully empathise with you on the placement of things. I've had my keys on the same lanyard for roughly 15 years. I keep them in the same pocket and even wear it when I don't even need my keys - i.e. when I'm on holiday or in another country altogether. I have to have my phone, wallet and iPod in a specific pocket and this never, ever changes. I've even made a return journey of five hours (each way) to retrieve them when I left them at a friends - I couldn't cope knowing that they weren't in their rightful place. I can't imagine how my girlfriend puts up with me because I know for sure that many girls couldn't. I've been labelled pretentious, apathetic and unloving by many an ex in the past. Pretty much all of my relationships have ended because they're just too tired of my actions!

Change is also a bad thing for me. I've fallen out with friends for simply changing plans we've made. Just the notion of someone saying that they'll do one thing, and then doing another makes me antsy and aggravated. I find myself internalising a lot of anger and vitriol towards people who change something I'm doing/going to/wanting etc.

I could go on but I'm sure you've heard it all or done it already. I'm just happy that I'll soon be able to label it and deal with it in my own way

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13 multilateral atomic arms reduction.

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