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Default Best Live video performance or bootleg?

What is the quintessential live performance for video and audio?

Mix Master Mike posted a clip from the MTV Glassgow 99 show today, citing how it's almost 20 years old now. I ended up going down the rabbit hole and watching the Glasgow show, which I find I go back to and rewatch the most out of all their shows. This made me wonder what is their quintessential live show on tape or audio? I think if there was anything to capture the beasties in their top form in terms of audio & video quality while showcasing their diverse music styles then the Glasgow show is where it's at.

Maybe the Trenton 92 show for audio.

What do you guys think is their best live recording in terms of Audio and Video?

edit* also does anyone have the full glasgow show in colour? On youtube there just seems to be Super Disco Breakin'

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