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Default Re: It takes guts to admit things

I have so much work to do, at my job. It's overwhelming; the stacks of things, the never-ending in-coming projects and assignments. From big stuff to little interruptions, I see no end in sight, ever. And I'm a moron because I ask for bigger responsibilities and more work. Why? I want to feel important and necessary. I know that I am, but it's so much! Sometimes I don't even know where to start. I end up settling for the worst way possible to deal with it all, I abandon it altogether for several minutes at a time to come here. I avoid it. I do work in little spurts. I'm probably falling behind. There's always more to do, no matter what! I try to find shortcuts but inevitably something suffers - time, accuracy, quality, or relationships. I haven't been taking real breaks, not even for lunch. I just work - break-work-break-work break all day long and it's wearing me out mentally. I shouldn't come here so much. I just feel so lost in all this work, like my personality is slipping away. I like the work itself, just maybe if it came in smaller doses.

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