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Originally Posted by landos_dad
Express edition will let you tweak the tempo by the fraction, yes (by the way I'm certain this feature is evident in version 3, have you checked the helpfiles (F1)?).
Here's a FL feature list comparison page > FL Comparison page

I personally would get the full FL Studio Producer Edition. The slimmer versions lack some very handy tools. Like full routing and parametric EQing in the Mixer, audio wave sequencing and Express lacks the important Piano Roll where you would program chords etc.
I tried right clicking on the tempo and all you get is a menu that has a list of BPM's faster and slower that what you currently have it set at and a feature that says something to the effect of "twice as slow". Unfortunately the help files that normally come with the program via F1 were not included in the version I have because someone at some point probably deleted them to cut the program size down possibly. I will take a look at the help files for FL Studio on the website to see if I can't figure it out. Maybe I have a cracked trial version instead of the real thing. Thanks for the help.

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