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Default Re: Retracted portion of Pitchfork's "To the 5 Boroughs" review

Thanks for the retracted portion - I was kickin' myself for not saving it on my computer on June 15th.

Originally Posted by tommyalma
To quote Mike Doughty opening the last Soul Coughing show, "Hello everybody, everybody hello." For my first post on the Beasties forum, I figured I'd give ya what ya want: The full, unedited version of Brent DiCrescenzo's review of TT5B at Unfortunately, I can't do that, as the post length exceeds the forum allowance. So here's the retracted portion:

If you want the full deal, you may be able to catch it at google's cache at
boys/to-the-5-boroughs.shtml+%22to+the+5+boroughs% or I can e-mail it to ya.

"A lot of record companies look at the numbers and they'll be like, 'Your first record sold 5 million and your second record sold only 800,000. What happened? You guys fell off, I think the band all feels that the record did really well. Most musicians I grew up playing music with would probably shoot me if I ever complained about selling 800,000 records."

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