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Default Re: Retracted portion of Pitchfork's "To the 5 Boroughs" review

Originally Posted by po'ed

Pitchfork gave a mediocre review to the new album. Forcing retraction of some of the article paints the boys as very poor sports -- babies even. Waaaa -- we got a poor review -- lets set our legal team on the little guy.

Beasties -- if you are reading this and if you have any credibility left, you need to contact Pitchfork and allow them to retract their retraction.
You know shit about Pitchfork's rating system. The review for the new Beastie Boys' album was "Very Good". Indeed, the writer even hedged his bets implying that "To The 5 Boroughs" could be Pet Sounds caliber (at least this is my interpretation of the review). The reviewer also stated that he has not listened to any album more in 2004. As for Steve Martin, he works for an entirely different entity than the Beastie Boys called "Nasty Little Man". Steve Martin has every right to get pissed off if untruths are being spread by a Pitchfork writer that could affect the likelihood of musical artists wanting to work with him (fuck this is the man's livelihood). Can't you see the big picture here?

"A lot of record companies look at the numbers and they'll be like, 'Your first record sold 5 million and your second record sold only 800,000. What happened? You guys fell off, I think the band all feels that the record did really well. Most musicians I grew up playing music with would probably shoot me if I ever complained about selling 800,000 records."

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