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Originally Posted by bigfatlove06 View Post
CJ might know a bunch of shit. Whether he does or doesn't, it doesn't mean shit to me because he's cryptic to the point where I don't care about researching it. You wanna tell me what is about to happen? Then just tell me. If I get to find out with everybody else, and somehow it fits in with info CJ had already had provided, then status points for calling it. Honestly, though, what is the fascination with 10 word posts from somebody who knows shit but can't tell us. I love the fact that he gives me nuggets, but if he's sworn to secrecy and cant give me the info early then what is the point?
meh. you'd think we'd all share new info with each other at this point, but whatevs. it is what it is. if dude still wants his "status points" he can have them. in the era of social media and never ending news cycles we're all going to find out sooner than later. i've dealt with crazier and cryptic star wars fans in my life. CJ is light work.
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