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Originally Posted by Micodin View Post
meh. you'd think we'd all share new info with each other at this point, but whatevs. it is what it is. if dude still wants his "status points" he can have them. in the era of social media and never ending news cycles we're all going to find out sooner than later. i've dealt with crazier and cryptic star wars fans in my life. CJ is light work.
ha....i'll be in chicago for SW Celebration next week. lord knows why i agreed to this but hey, 2 things make me happy (3 if you count the cassettes bigfatlove is helping me repopulate), but that's SW and the Bboys. SW fandom is as crazy and cryptic as Mic says, much more so than anything ever beastie related. and they are toxic which adds a whole other level to their crazy. i'm in the lottery though to hopefully get on at least one panel convo, which won't happen, but i'll still revel in the psychosis that is SWC nonetheless.

my mike zeroh comparison to hood was still unfair, and his breadcrumbs make me laugh so...

thank you adam adam & mike

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