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Originally Posted by Sir SkratchaLot View Post
Funny, Philly was the opposite, probably too much energy. Crowd was pretty sauced, people yelling out, interrupting at times, etc.
philly ALWAYS gets live crowds for the band Iím noticing. While nyc always seems to be on the lackluster side.

I can tell you from experience at nyc shows Iíve seen yauch make a WTF face at the crowd for not being live, canít remember what song it was. Iíve seen Horovitz call out a fan for sitting down in the middle of the show. I always thought the AIFST concert crowd was tame except for the intro to brass monkey, which the band screwed up and had to restart and didnít get the same energy again lol.

Also, the paranoia in me thinks making the fans not have access to their fans can be dangerous if shit pops off
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