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Originally Posted by Extra Cheese View Post
Also, the paranoia in me thinks making the fans not have access to their fans can be dangerous if shit pops off
Try not to be paranoid Cheese. It's extremely rare for something dangerous to happen at a live event. It just makes its way to the front of our minds because the media goes so hard with it. It's sensational, it gets big ratings (which sells more ads = more money for the network, of course it's all because of a lust for money), people can't get enough of the coverage. But the reality is, millions of events go on every year with nothing happening. It's just a couple things a year that happen. So the likelihood is extremely low, almost impossible, that it will happen somewhere you are. The few that do occur create hysteria. Just remind yourself of that. The most dangerous situation is in fact, driving. A million people die in cars every year. That is the situation where we should be most worried. But I'm never worried when I'm driving. I got my music on, listening to podcasts, chilling. You just have to keep things in perspective. It is hard to these days, unless you just turn off the tv and the internet. They're hysterical.
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