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Default Re: Missing Interview

Yup. LL did an interview back in the 80's where he was upset that the Beasties would tear up the stage with the beer and the women and stuff. He thought they brought a negative attention that detracted from his own set. The interview is all over youtube, I saw it years ago.

One little anecdote I may as well throw in here... I was at the Garden for the show that eventually became Awesome I Fucking Shot That. That same night I distinctly remember LL Cool J playing Radio City Music Hall. I thought that was the coolest thing ever that these two icons from Def Jam who made their bones back in the fucking mid 80's were still selling out major venues in NY twenty years later. And here they are thirty years after that talking about their careers and still doing big things. Two of the best of all time. No doubt about it. It's a farce that 2pac and Biggie are in the HOF but LL isn't.

Thats insane, you're should sleep late man, it's just much easier on your constitution.

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