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Lightbulb Re: Why the new album dislikes you

Thanx lastbb for taking the minute.

I can appreciate it. And who knew you were going to trig out trigonometry...

For those who may not know, I took the liberty of looking it up. A parabola is the curve formed by the edges of a plane when cutting through a right circular cone at an angle parallel to one of it's sides... Or latin for just, placing side by side. In any case it's straight up and flipped it's ready to spin.

It's all just so fantasticly lovely.

"... and so strange But it was empty until you came..."

Ok let's take it from here.

PS Who in the hell is ever going go to figure the new title out? Degeneration X can't even figure out Y. I might as well ask them to figure out the theory of relativity in the meantime, or in realtime, or even in good time.

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