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Default Re: post your car accidents here

I was driving my mini (absolutely identical to this one) when I was heading towards an orange light, I thought I could make it before it went red so I gassed it, unfortunately a large truck was waiting to turn right opposite me and he thought I was going to stop so he pulled out in front of me and I slammed into the side of him doing about 70 km/h (40 mph).

Absoutely destroyed the car, everyone who rushed over thought I was dead because I was slumped over the wheel. I came to within about 30 seconds and climbed out the car and was otherwise fine! When all my friends saw the wreck They couldn't believe I wasn't dead.

Which brings me to something interesting, my old lady had a reading done by a so called medium, they hadn't met before. One of the first questions she asks my mum is 'did your son used to drive a little red car? A mini or something?' Mum says yes. The medium says 'he had a big crash in it didn't he'. Mum says yes.

The medium goes 'well your mother is claiming responsibility for that one, he should have died but she saved him cos it wasn't his time blah blah'.

Not sure whether I believe it but its interesting nonetheless, especially since I really SHOULD have died.

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