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Default Re: post your car accidents here

i've never been in a car accident though there is at least one incident where shit could have become truly terrible

i was driving down the highway at about 75 miles per hour (an intermediate speed compared to the surrounding traffic mind you) when all of a sudden i see a line of fucking ducks crossing in front of me. i'm at a point in the highway where two routes split, so this is a six-lane highway, i'm in the leftmost lane of the right side split, so i'm going pretty fast and all of a sudden there's a goddamn family of ducks in front of me and i'm about to hit them, so i swerve a little, and really maybe i shouldn't have but i had to make a split second decision and i'm not really sure what would happen if i hit an adult duck going 75, so i made a decision and i swerved, and fortunately the guy immediately behind and to the right of me was observant and saw what was going on and he was able to back off and swerve as well, thus avoiding a horrible pile-up that could have resulted in fatalities, possibly his and/or my own. he didn't even honk. what a gent. he's the real hero here.

or she, i didn't really notice, i was more concerned with the family of ducks crossing a six-lane highway. no idea how they got that far.

my nuts

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