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Default Re: post your car accidents here

Originally Posted by DipDipDive View Post
Oh my jesus! Did you watch in the rearview to see if the ducks made it across?? I hope they did...
i'm actually fairly positive that several of them were killed before my turn came up. there was a van in the lane to the left of me, and i recall a burst of feathers coming out from behind it (he apparently was not concerned with what would happen if he hit a duck going 80 (he was driving faster than me)). it's crazy, but immediately after the incident i remember thinking "jesus, that van just shat out a bunch of ducks"

i didn't check behind me for the ducks, my adrenaline had kicked in and i was too worried about myself. hell, i wasn't even looking for crashed cars behind me (though i'm assuming i would have heard them and i would have pulled over and helped/taken responsibility/a well-deserved asskicking if i'd heard them)

my nuts

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