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Default Re: beastie book (spoilers)

Originally Posted by cj hood View Post
Finished last night.............B/B+
-adrock carried it; D disappeared at the end
-not enought about Yauch at the end of his life
-no Hurra AND he was in L.A. last night....
-don't care for cook book, what Amy P thinks of their vids or the other fluff

-liked the focus on pre LTI, LTI & PB era's
-like Ian's website history
-liked all of Adrock's stories
-pics were great
-loved their admiration for Run DMC
-loved all the MCA stories

like the live show it sort of peters out after IC....
I agree with all of this, and will add - What about Country Mike? There has to be good stories from this time too!

Keep it on

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