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Default Re: beastie book (spoilers)

I think the book was extremely Beastie-like: it didn't really answer any questions and they didn't really seem to care about focusing on anything "important."

A lot of the stories have been told before (those 2009 audio commentaries on the remastered albums had lots of the same stories in them), and the new ones didn't seem to have much rhyme or reason.

Things I'd like to have read about:
1.) John Berry leaving/getting kicked out of the band.
2.) How much of the music on Paul's Boutique was already made by the Dust Brothers and how much was "new."
3.) What were some songs that never made it to an album, but that either Adam or Mike really liked?

Things I actually read about:
1.) Hippie Fucking Steve.
2.) Mitchell
3.) Cassette tapes

But you know what? That's exactly what I thought this book was gonna be. These guys don't owe the readers anything, and to write a book that both the general music-listening population and the intense Beasite nerds could have enjoyed equally would have been impossible. Mike and Adam recently did some interview where they were saying if Yauch was involved in writing the book, it would have taken 10 years and when you opened it, it would have folded out into a full size theater and you'd then watch a 12 hour movie about the band. I mean, I would have fucking LOVED it if Yauch had creative control and made it into a bachelor's degree program in Beastienomics, but he didn't, and I get that they probably just wanted to tell some stories about their good times. They don't focus on Hurricane and the breakup, Adrock's or Mike's divorces, Dave's death, Yauch's death, etc. It's a fun book. I'm totally happy with it being kind of like reading a Chinese restaurant zodiac placemat.
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