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Default Re: Let the Record Show Ep. 30: DJ Hurricane

Originally Posted by Jiberish View Post
But whatevs. I LOVE the book. Keep it on the toilet and read it often. Been looking forward to grabbing the audio book one of these days and deep diving into that experience.
i did the trifecta when it came out. book, audiobook and ebook. the audiobook is great for long car/plane rides (and it has extra treats in it) and the ebook is great for the phone and iPad to follow along or for the backpack (and itís less bulkier) and i too agree the book is great for the toilet haha. lots of quick stories in there.

speaking of books, Glen E Friedmanís new book Together Forever is out and holy shit is it good. thereís a ton of pics iíve never seen before and it makes a great addition to the Beastie books collection. but iím sure someone will find something to whinge about lols.
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