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Default Re: The Family Album

Originally Posted by RaZoRbLaDe KiSs
Im sorry, but I have to comment on this. I still dont see how his hair is disgusting, let alone pictures of him washing his hair.
and his hair didnt really look that nappy to me.
I mean, if you posted a picture of you washing your hair or something and someone said it was disgusting you'd have a shit fit.
I agree also that that was a bit racist of you, harsh at least. thats like saying his whole race is disgusting just because they have nappy hair.
Completley uncalled for.

thats the thing we wont see no picture cuz we all know this person aint "real"

he/she said nappy(a black termed for hair) so I said a hint of racist since he/she said nappy. KEYWORD:hint. He/she was rude so I gave rude back. No need to comment on somebody who aint worth shit, thanks for backing me though very rare to have sum1 on here go to bat for me.

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