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Default Re: New Colored Vinyl Reissues

I'm probably screwing myself by doing this, but here is the email I sent kings road BEFORE I learned there is a plan to discount down the road.

Hello support team,

I have a few quick questions. On order numbers XXXXXXC and XXXXXXX I purchased (from the US). I bought 4 copies of each of the reissues and 1 of each of the new merchandise I didn't have totaling $858.25. It is NOT so I can resell them. It is so I can trade them to fellow collectors in the UK, EU, Australia, and Germany to catalog all of the different pressings and variants. My questions are...

1) Are all of the reissues pressed in the US and then exported, or are there different pressings from different regions? If you know how many different countries press the vinyl it would help immensely. It's my intention to catalog every unique pressing so I can update our discography.

2) On the Root Down reissue I know that the vinyls are randomly inserted, but is there any way that I can ensure that I get one of each color? I'm not wanting to screw other people who purchased it out of their fair chance at a color, I am only asking because I am going to have to do the same for the United Kingdom / Europe / Germany / and Australia pressings and that means I need to purchase at least 8 copies per territory just to have a fair chance of getting all 4 (one color each of copies pressed in all 5 territories). So 40 copies is daunting and cost prohibitive. Can you help me out?

3) ANY contacts you have from the folks overseeing distribution to other territories would help me a lot. We don't sell shit on our site. We are basically some hard core fans who break all of the different releases down for fans. We spend money to maintain the site, and don't sell anything. So, if your team can find one person who could help me spend less and do more to educate the small niche of hard core collectors I'd be grateful.
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