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Default Re: For the old heads LTI Live deep dive

it must be a conflicting sort of existence when your whole life is caught on film or audio, to have all those things you grow to despise readily available for every new generation to discover. especially in the case of these guys who genuinely escaped the crazy LTL era & became better people in every possible sense. and for them to do it at such a young age is even more perplexing, and I think that speaks volumes to yauch and how beyond his years he truly was. it takes most people well into their 30's / 40's to grow and mature and these guys did it after barely hitting 21. he wasn't the leader perse but mike and adam seem kinda lost post-2012, i think a lot of us kinda did like uh-oh the roadmap is lost. as good as the book is you can't help but to think it's a bit "cold". i don't know what the fuck i'm trying to say... i will say this, i was a hurra purist for a long minute and around TT5B's i decided that MMM is def better for band and a better DJ, but i still missed cane so ended up going lifetime tie game.

musings while working and listening to the playlist. thank you for sharing.

thank you adam adam & mike

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