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Default Re: Why have'nt they released HSCPT1 yet?

Originally Posted by pm0ney View Post
I've always been of the opinion that Hot Sauce Committee Part 1 was a joke. I don't think they ever had more than one full album worth of tracks to release, and that it was no different than their "we recorded Hello Nasty in a submarine" shtick. I wouldn't get my hopes up of ever hearing an album's worth of unheard material from this era.
Originally Posted by Micodin View Post
the difference between part one and two is the mixing and sequencing. and a song or two. thatís it. og mix vs zdar mix.
I agree with both of you, but I do think that the HSC era did result in music that I don't think we've heard yet. Like people have said, I'm sure the OG mix will leak someday, which would have been the original HSCP1. Then if they wanted to release other stuff they worked on during that time they could call it HSCP1...but who knows. And who knows if it's really "completed" tracks. I personally don't mind, I'd love to hear anything from this time.

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