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Originally Posted by HAL 9000 View Post
They have - 10 year study released this week shows no correlation beyond that which one would expect through randomness.


There is no link here - it is all made up.
This study don't say nothing really, the sampling might not be in all strata of the society. ONe sutdy like that mean nothing to me, where is the group of kids not exposed to toxics component?

When i talk about a study , it is to follow a sampling of kids from different social background and you follow them from the first day of life until , maybe 10-15 years old. Monitoring all the vaccins they have versu a sampling of kids who don't have vaccins. Then you collect info about their health and all that, just to see . And this would be an independant study.

It would be even better to follow them through adulthood. This is a rfeal freaking study.


Please do not base parental decisions on the ravings of Jenny McCarthy. She used to think her child was an Indigo Child rather than autistic ( now autism and vaccines are her new thing.
If you want to look into this matter, find an article in a peer reviewed journal (like the one above) rather than posting youtube videos of interviews with Playboy bunnies. It is not that a playboy bunny dont have a viewpoint that is as valid as anyone elses, more that in this case, Miss McCarthy does not seem to be familiar with the scientific method and has no evidence to support her wild and dangerous claims.
Heh, no worry, i don`t base anything on a sole other human being, but what i found interesting in her saying was:

1. The fact that the mandatory vaccins that a kids suppose to have in his-her life until like 10 yaers old had triple.

2. That no doctor is able to say precisely why.

3. That the shot are too numerous for a little kiddo who just came into this world. So unatural.

So, i don't really give a shit if that woman did dance and flash her boobs in her life at one time. I think she kinda make sense a bit with her questions.

As I said above - all the claims of the anti-vaccinationists are really easy to look into and verify - and it turns out the whole movement is about scaremongering and lies. I would invite you to examine the evidence yourself (dont use youtube)

Urm, i did read lots and lots of info on the matter and i did mae my decision a while ago about vaccination. I don't totally denied all the benefits but i am suspicious of the real benefits in the end.

If i go back in time, when i was younger, it was ok to have chicken pox and to have the flu. The doctor was saying that it was good for the immune system, giving it a boost.

Now, nope, you have to get a shot, and how so? For me, this change is relate to the business of vaccins. Profit at the expense of human health.

A kid is born and he have lots of shot in his first day in this world, his cells are attacked with foreign dangerous substances, it seem just wrong. But the strong ones with be OK, the weakers ones will suffer the consequences of this.

This is basically the major problem of vaccins, too much.

Another example is the vaccin for the HPV virus., my girl was supposed to have the shot this year, this is something that you can contract when you HAVE SEX. She is 9 years old. Add to this that the vaccin is good for like 5 years approx. So another shot will be needed. But that not all, they don't now how the body will react to it, they, my girl and her group of age, are guinea-pig.

I refuse.

Vaccination , the full scale operation that we witness today,is active for the last 50 years, we don't know yet what the damage will do to the human body. Maybe it did help eradicated some disease but my feeling is that it help create more degenerative diseases, autism...

The main thing is the excessive use of vaccins for anything.

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