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Originally Posted by fucktopgirl View Post
Heh, the guy just like alternative medecine , sport, vitamines, yoga. He don't like pharmaceutical drugs and companies because they do exist to make profit.

So they objective is not your health per se, but to make monayyyyy!

I think it is a ok view.

About the aids things, i have to go check the video.
It is true that pharmaceuticals seek to make money, but that does not make them evil! They are heavily regulated which means all the treatments they (and the health professionals) offer have to undergo two tests (hence evidence based medicine).

1. They have to demonstrate that they offer a health benefit greater than that of a similarly administered placebo

2. They have to understand the side effects and benefits of any treatment.

The word 'alternative' in front of a health pill or supplement means it has FAILED TEST 1 and has not had to undergo test 2. I wonder what studies have been done on the long term impact of 'Dr' Null's "Detox package" or his "Brainy Pills". Whilst vaccines have been shown not to cause things like autism, these treatments have not been tested at all? So here is the issue - how is it that so many people including yourself, end up being more suspicious of the tested and regulated treatments than the untested and unregulated ones? Everyone in the industry is seeking to make money, which is why controls, testing, monitoring, peer review and regulation are important - vaccines are subject to such a regulatory regime.

This is not to say that alternative treatment does not have a place in medicine, indeed, any doctor will tell you the benefit of healthy eating, stress reduction and exercise (and placebo treatments may have a place too), but what guys like this do is tell you not to take treatments that have been proven to be effective and are subject to tight regulation and instead buy their products which can not been shown to have benefits and which no understanding of side effects exist. He makes money by telling you to stop well regulated effective treatments and start unregulated ineffective ones.

That does not seem harmless to me and in the case of the vaccine bullshit - people (mostly children) are getting sick and dying as a result.

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