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Default Re: Vaccine Nation

People rely too much on the medical system for their health. Too much pills are swallow , and this for anything.

There is an exces of pills consumption, and this at an early age. The herds things might be true but ya know this is the only argument that people who believe in vaccin are saying, ALL the time.

Like i said before, we have to be aware that nowadays, there is too much vaccins , too soon and for about anything. So, for me, this is a proof of the will to make profit. Vaccins for cold and chicken pox, that the proof that something wrong.

Hal9000, i am suspicious of the drugs companies because all their studies are back by them, so no objectivity there. Their regulated, their hired the scientifics who will make the report. I have no confidence whatsoever in big corporation because they don't care about human health really, they care about PROFIT.

SO, maybe vaccins did some good at one time, but now, they pushed it too far in my opinion.

Oh, Misspeachy, if you have no patience for people who don't have the same view as you do, don't waste your time, go on...Get your kids all the shots and be safe and happy.

To each their own.

All i want to say is that I love trees.

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