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Originally Posted by fucktopgirl View Post

To each their own.
Unfortunately not because your actions (assuming you are not having your kid(s) vaccinated) are increasing the chances of my kids getting sick. Also you do not own your children so much as have a duty of care – it is not fair for them to be put in danger by your beliefs, they are innocent.

I am not saying all vaccines are necessary – you may be correct in saying that there are too many on the market. In the UK there is a publicly run vaccination program covering just the essentials (I don’t think Chicken Pox is included but I could be wrong) – I guess there is something similar where you live and you and your family should certainly have those.

I don’t know much about what vaccines available but if a vaccine against chicken pox is available and effective then great – getting chicken pox is not nice and it is dangerous (you can die of it). I suspect the technology did not exist for such a vaccine when we were younger which is why you never had it.

Like i said before, we have to be aware that nowadays, there is too much vaccins , too soon and for about anything. So, for me, this is a proof of the will to make profit. Vaccins for cold and chicken pox, that the proof that something wrong.
It is not proof that something is wrong unless you can point to an independent, double blind and peer reviewed study demonstrating that these vaccines are not effective (or at least not cost effective). If you can do this, then you are correct but if no such data exists then you are probably wrong! Rather than watching youtube vids – you should be looking for and reading these papers, find the study that backs your position or admit you are probably wrong.


There is an exces of pills consumption, and this at an early age. The herds things might be true but ya know this is the only argument that people who believe in vaccin are saying, ALL the time.
You cant blame people for repeatedly using an argument that is true! Lets be clear – responsible people are put in danger by others who are not getting vaccinated. We are angry about it – that is why they keep going on about it.

I dont drink and drive and I would sure be angry at the drunk driver who runs down my kids.

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