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Default Re: Adidas Americana Beastie Boys sneakers

Originally Posted by WesleyOHSnaps! View Post
The dudes in the front of the line had no idea what it was for. Just that it was a rare Adidas shoe. When a beastie fan told them what it was and for they just shrugged and could give a shit. They also knew how many shoes they had and kept counting the line and laughing. If I knew at the time thatís what they were doing I would of been so pissed. I just thought they thought it was funny how many people showed up.
Truth. Flippers are pretty much a cancer. Profiteers at best. They take advantage of limited releases and resell for profit only. I don't know how anyone can stop that. Maybe in a different time you or I would have conceded our spot for a true fan, I probably would have. The only point I want to make (understand I am on team fuck flippers and team fans should get the limited releases) is that if enough fans showed up 8 hours early, they couldn't have been there early enough to flip them. It's not an endorsement of what they are doing, or a recrimination of 30+ year fans for not rearranging their schedule to show up in the middle of the night for a shoe launch. The flippers have a well organized game plan. The fans can either go way out of their way to get shit at cost or pay the flippers. That's reality.
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