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The whole anti vaccination thing seems to be based on a couple of lies which are easily cleared up.

Thimerosal does not contain toxic Mercury (aka Methylmercury) it contains Ethylmercury which is not the same thing and is harmless. It seems much of this antivaccination thing is based on the fact that the substances have similar sounding names and thus can be confused by those who are taken in by their pseudoscientific crap.

Furthermore, Thimerosal IS NOT EVEN IN VACCINES (since 1997). The removal of Thimerosal from vaccines had no impact of the rate of diagnosis of Autism or other conditions attribued to vaccines.

The whole anti-vaccine thing is a terrible scam that is killing children - not just the children of those who dont get their kids vaccinated but even those parents who do because of the lost 'herd effect'.

As a father, this really makes me angry. It is so stupid because the central claims of the movement are easy to check and are clearly lies. It is not a subjective issue - vaccines do not contain toxic metals - FACT.

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