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Default Loves Album

Hello all, new poster here. As they say, long time listener first time caller. Just wanted to say I love the new album and the interview here on the site is funny.

The New York Times had a "critics notebook" in it Monday, October 11th. The critic compares LL Cool J and The Beastie Boys recent concerts in New York. Kelefa Sanneh(the critic): "the album also includes some of the worst Beastie Boys songs so far, and it was responsible for most of Saturday's low points" also referred to "Right Right Now Now" as "a hackneyed, flat-footed protest rap" He goes on to say how they praised the DJ instead of themselves and they shouldn't have...blah blah and Beastie Boys no longer attract women. Just wondering if anyone read the article and what you thought about it.

P.S. So hoping to catch the Michigan show on the 5th of November

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