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Default Re: If someone calls you a racial slur, is it acceptable to throw one back?

Originally Posted by The Padster
I have an Irish friend and I call him an alcoholic, a traveller and a pikey, and make jokes about him eating dogs and having sex with his cousins all the time. He doesn't mind because he knows I am his friend and I myself had part-Irish grandparents. I also had part-black grandparents, yet if I made jokes like that to a black person they wouldn't accept it and would probably hurt me or call me a cracker or something.

Someone at my work was disciplined after she made a similar kind of joke at me within authority ear shot, nearly lost her job. I knew it was a just a joke, though. If anything, sometimes it can be fun. My husband is as English as they come, and his whole work life is based on guffy/colonial/butler/Hyacinth Bucket banter.

When the world cup was on, kids could be suspended on the spot for making anti-English/anything else comments at school.
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