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Default Re: If someone calls you a racial slur, is it acceptable to throw one back?

Originally Posted by The Padster
I voted yes because it contained the phrase "cracker-ass motherfucker", but I actually think no, it's not OK. I don't appreciate the hypocritical attitude of a lot of people from ethnic minorities who think it is acceptable to be racist towards white people purely because their ancestors may have been abused by whites hundreds of years ago. Fact is if you're nice to someone, no matter what their race, then they'll (usually) be nice to you back.

Racism in any form is disgusting. Especially coming from those damned niggers!

Originally Posted by Big Gus
The friendship ended when I wiped my arse on his pillow.
Originally Posted by Pres Zount
I don't really love you! Lyman zerga is on my ignore list, but you don't deserve it, you swine!

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