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Default Re: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!?!

311 used to be my second favorite band. I saw them live once, and they were incredible, but for whatever reason I stopped listening to them almost completely after that show... 17 years ago(?)

Anyways, when i saw Mike D make fun of 311 (where did I see that? I don't know but it was recently.) I was a little surprised. And maybe a little hurt ( i mean my favorite band was saying my old second favorite band's music is "terrible". )

Am I misremembering this: The "Rhyme & Reason tour" started w/ a survey on the BB website asking who we would want to see share a bill w/ the Bboys.

Cypress Hill
Somebody Else

(I voted for Rage)

So his comment seemed weird and kind of mean for no reason at all. What is new information to me in this post was the part of Hexum hating Mike. I hadn't heard that... I mean Mike called them "Great guys. Their music is terrible though."

The end.

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