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Default Re: TISFWO, TT5B and HSCPT2 Vinyl Re-Issue

Originally Posted by tuc70021 View Post
Same could be said for TT5B, but I get the feeling they didn't have as much stuff at that time. I think The Mix Up would do great for a bonus disc. The bonus instrumental stuff from the Hello Nasty remaster in 2009 was pretty good, and I imagine if they have been focusing their time and energy on instrumental tracks around TMU, they probably have even better stuff.
so The Mix Up Bonus Tracks EP on vinyl? Would be sick

Glad I got an original TT5B some years back for standard price! At the same time, I missed out getting HSCP2 when that came out, so absolutely delighted for this reissue, though I miss the 5.1 mix, 7" and white records... Wonder why TT5B is 10 pounds more expensive though...

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