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Arrow Re: So.. who are you remixers anyway?

I guess it's about time I fill out one of these things.

Been throwin up trax here for a while hoping people like em.

Age: 11/28/72

born: Montreal

live: Vancouver, BC

History--- Got into hip hop around 85/86 (grade 7) when a friend played me a cassette taped off of WBLS from NY with Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick's The Show/La Di Da Di and loved it. Loved Licensed to Ill and DMC and all that and got my hands on everything I could.

Methodology --- I get creative spurts where I crank out a bunch of remixes in a few week period and then take a break for a few months.. I've got about 45 to 50 on my site Innuendo Industries

Recommendations-- In terms of my remixes you'll have to explore my site.. I do however recommend a couple of Hold it Now mashes: Hold it Now - Canadian Werewolf Mix
and a Cypress Hill style mashup I did for Hold it Now

In the meantime, check my newest mix and looking forward to seeing AIFST!

Shout out to all the talented mixers out there, in no particular order: Joak, Team9, DJ BC, Lando, DJBC, ZAP, Chromium, Spacemac, Skrilla, Laurie Hammy, Phos, Incognito. All Y'all need to get signed!

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