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Default Re: Beastie Boys + Marc Maron

i just wish the guy said “Yauch” correctly.

Otherwise, I’ll take any long form podcast style interview with beastie boys and know what to expect as should the interviewer. these are the most serious Mike and Adam have ever been, because it’s literally their job and their livelihood right now to Kiss the Monkey on the Nose. I can’t count how many times I have heard Adam joke about buying the book “available now in the marketplace”

maron replied “I’ll sell the book for ya”

This was to convince casual fans To go out and buy the book.

It was third out of Strombo and Stretch obviously, but this was a great interview in this promo tour they are doing.

Adrock continued his little kid shtick on Kimmel, they are both feeding off of the love/hate lifelong friendship thing. Throw in an endearing story about Yauch from the book, rinse and repeat.

Long Burn The Fire. Rest In Peace Adam.

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