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I don't buy that, if you kid ge the shot, he is safe otherwise why you would give him/her vaccins. Herd immunity, hard time to believe in this sole argument that pro-vaccins people say.
i get so frustrated every time you say this. why exactly don't you buy it? the herd immunity thing is an actual, real thing, it's been proven with experiments. if there's a group of 10 people, and all 10 are vaccinated, then they're as safe as the vaccine can make them. if 2 of them are not vaccinated, then the 8 others are more at risk because vaccines are not 100% effective and the 2 non-vaccinated people are giving the disease a stronger chance to enter the group.

all you can ever say about this is "well vaccines shouldn't work like that, if you're vaccinated you should be safe" but you are objectively wrong about this, because vaccines don't work like that. i don't understand why you don't understand this or what you're basing your opinion on here. it just sounds like you don't want to believe it. what evidence do you have exactly that the herd immunity argument is wrong other than "vaccines should be more effective"?

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