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Originally Posted by fucktopgirl View Post
Well, i am sorry to hear that.

What mostly repulse me about vaccins nowadays is the number of disease mix in one shot and the number of shot that one kid has to have before one year old and until he/her is a teenager.
Just use an alternative schedule.

This is a quote from Dr. Sears.

The main difference in my suggested alternative vaccine schedule is it spreads the infant vaccines out over the first few years of life, instead of bunching them all up in the first 18 months. It gives fewer vaccines at a time, gives the most important vaccines first, and slightly delays the less important vaccines. But ultimately the end result is the same - a fully vaccinated child. What are the benefits of my alternative schedule compared to the standard one?

This is what my wife and I chose for our children.

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Bob is laying pipe. Thats about it.

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