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The evidence continually bombards the studies of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who says there is a link between MMP vaccine and autism, this becomes such a blatant lie that I'm amazed anyone would support his findings. I try and keep an open mind about these issues and once had the some reservations about the vaccine programs... the autism issue is one all parents in the past decade have weighed in on.

Even with Dr. Wakefield's lies, people used common sense and continued to err on the side of health.

Lawyers purchase an anti-consensus, manufacture a link between mercury vaccines and autism

A press report reveals the financial connection between the doctors promoting a link between autism and vaccination and the law firm suing vaccine makers.

The Times obtained a record of the payments made by the legal teams that have pursued lawsuits against vaccine makers on behalf of autistic children in England. It revealed that the primary author of the first paper that suggested a mercury-autism link, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, began receiving payments from the lawyers starting a full two years before his first published study on the topic. In the decade since, Dr. Wakefield has received a total of over 435,000. Several of his business associates and co-workers received over 100,000; all told, roughly 3.4 million was paid out for the expert work and testimony of doctors associated with the research. In a further conflict of interest, the autistic children that were the subjects of the studies were also the plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

The more I read up on this Dr. Wakefield the more I feel as if all objectivity is lost by you fucktopgirl. He is a total douche bag asshole.
I'm going dowwwwwn

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