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Default Re: Why I dislike the new album

Originally Posted by vcurtains
Well I was listening to music on my ipod in my car and one of the new beastie's tracks came on, I changed the track immediately and realized why I dislike the new album. I like "check it out" and one other track that was released before the album, I forget it's name, but as for the rest of the album I can't stand it.

The boys have insane rhyming skills, but what I can't stand is them trying to be touchier and preachy. It just doesn't fit, the boys are close to 40, all gray haired, and looking like chemo victims. This tough guy attitude might work for younger, new audiences but I can't stand it.
Alright, let's see here. Judging by your first paragraph, you're obviously the kind of mindless tool that goes out and buys an entire album because you heard one or two singles on the radio and a small amount of hype, and then found you can't handle the rest of the music.

Also, are you saying older artists should end their careers? I guess that makes sense. I'm sure nobody wants to hear what Jimi Hendrix would have sounded like if he lived past his 20's, you mindless knob. When you're gray-haired and 40, I hope you fold up and tuck yourself quietly away so all the young people can go on and enhance the world in ways obviously superior to those of the experienced. Dumbass.

Not to mention, how can you not like trying to be "touchier and preachy" and simultaneously say that "this tough guy attitude" isn't working, you condradictive piece of shit? Typically, 'tough guys' aren't 'touchy and preachy' at the same time. Witless jackass.

Originally Posted by vcurtains
I'm sorry sea dragon that you don't like my point of view, why don't not complain about me complaing and actually understand what I wrote
It's difficult to understand your point of view when we can't see through all the bullshit. And the fact that your opinions aren't based on a fact or anything of value when you say that the album "Intergalactic" was innovative. How the fuck can we take you seriously when YOU don't even know what you're talking about?

Just do us all a favor, you waste of space and energy, and go play hot potato with a live hand grenade all by yourself.
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