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I actually got to go last night! I got everything setup a while ago but I thought for sure that something was going to come to that would prevent me from going.

The exhibit was really cool. There were glass cases filled with pictures, lyric sheets, tour items and all kinds of random promo items. There was also a room setup to show off the new Sonos speaker playing the tracks that were sampled on PB.

I wasn't really sure what to expect from the show, but it was somehow very true to Beastie spirit while being something wholly new unto itself. They told stories from the book, often reading straight from the book (well, a teleprompter displaying the book text). You could see that this was well rehearsed (which was funny because Adam kept saying "seriously we rehearsed this" whenever things seemed to go off script). Mike seemed to take more liberties and try to keep it a bit looser which seemed to frustrate Adam a bit haha.

As expected the stories were great and got tremendous reactions from the audience. Some of them were familiar (the Bob Dylan pro-smoking concert story) but there was a good amount of fresh material as well. My favorite story was actually the one Adam opened with. I won't spoil it, but I'll just say it is the story about a ring someone gave him. Again it was all in good fun and the whole night felt like a celebration of the band, especially Yauch. There were a few bittersweet moments (the story of the last concert).

They didn't do a q&a and there weren't any special guests, which was fine but kind of a bummer just because the show description said there would be. They mentioned several times that they were running long so hopefully they weren't just cut for time.

Overall it was wonderful seeing them doing their thing! They got a standing ovation at the end which they seemed genuinely surprised by and appreciative of. I really hope that it encouraged then to keep working together in some capacity. Obviously I'm not expecting make any more Beastie Boys albums but they're too good together to hang it up.

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